New For Version 7


  • Supports Windows terminal server and Citrix MetaFrame for Windows
  • Session sharing for Windows terminal service
  • Silent Installation
  • Multi-user setting
  • Simple session and server profile distribution
  • User-designated session path
  • Program theme selection
  • High-performance X11R7 PC X server
  • GLX 1.3, OpenGL 1.2 extension protocol
  • X Rendering extension protocol
  • Supports RandR Exension
  • Multi-server setting
  • Multi-user setting
  • Multi-monitor
  • Multi-network adapter
  • Multi-XDMCP sessions
  • Automatic display number allocation
  • Single & Multiple Window mode
  • Panning and auto-raise in local window manager
  • Multi-visual
  • 256-color visuals in True Color video device
  • Automatic color substitution for PseudoColor visuals
  • Backing Store
  • Complete Planemask function for 256-color applications
  • Wheel mouse
  • 3-button mouse emulation
  • GUI keyboard editor
  • Real-time keyboard change using shortcut key
  • Sound files for XBell requests
  • Local resources database
  • Window printing in Multiple Window mode
  • Automatic copy & paste between X applications and Windows applications
  • Notification area icon
  • Manage Xmanager (Xstart and XDMCP), Xshell, and Xftp sessions all in one place
  • Session Manager for easily running and managing multiple sessions
  • XDMCP, SSH, RSH, REXEC, RLOGIN and TELNET connection protocols
  • Up to 256 X client connections per Xmanager session
  • Shortcut to Xstart and XDMCP sessions
  • Advanced prompt recognition settings and remote command script in Xstart
  • Secure XDMCP for XDMCP connections to beyond firewalls and private networks
  • IPv6 support
  • Kerberos(MIT Kerberos, Microsoft SSPI) authentication support
  • Multi tabs in a single window
  • Multi tab groups in a single window
  • SSH1/SSH2 protocols supporting public key authentication
  • Create SSH public keys
  • SSH user authentication agent
  • Access control by host
  • XDMCP connections using SSH secure tunnel(SecureXDMCP)
  • User defined Master Password to add additional security to session passwords
  • Font compiler support
  • Font server support
  • BDF, PCF font formats
  • Automatic font substitution
  • Additional font packages for various language and X applications
  • Automatic cut & paste support between the X applications and the Windows programs
  • Print window feature in multiple window mode
  • Interoperability with Xshell and Xftp
  • Make SSH/TELNET/SFTP/FTP connections from any sessions on Xmanager


Operating System Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 1, Windows Server 2012, Windows Vista Service Pack 1, Microsoft Windows Terminal Server, Citrix MetaFrame from Windows
CPU Intel® Pentium or faster
Memory 512 MB
Hard Disk 200 MB